10 Breakthroughs In New Biotechnology Products

At this time is where the field of biological technology is experiencing very developed progress and is precisely called a new Biotechnology breakthrough. This progress can reshape the concept of what it means to be human because this approach can go deeper. Like editing genes and synthetic biology is a new biotechnology innovation. It is not enough to rely solely on technological progress, but how to direct that progress to benefit the future of human life. Likewise, what happens in gene editing? Applying this technology will make a major breakthrough in the branch of medicine, because scientific biotechnologist may stop using other methods.

What is Breakthroughs In New Biotechnology For Now?


CRISPR can be a biotech breakthrough because it has proven the benefits of current technological advancements. CRISPR-based drug development tries to develop it to cure blood diseases, and treat blindness. In addition, cancer treatment can move quite quickly by applying this CRISPR approach.

Not only that, the application of CRISPR can be applied as a powerful diagnostic tool to deal with viruses, infectious diseases and even in the future can diagnose bacterial infections or cancer. Agriculture has also benefited from this new biotechnology breakthrough by applying CRISPR, so agriculture is more efficient, able to increase yields, and able to improve nutritional properties.

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  1. BCI System

Most BCI or brain-computer work interfaces have focused on developing systems to restore movement or function to people who have truly lost it. Like those with spinal cord injuries, heart problems, textures, or proprioception. They carried out developments aimed at making the BCI system fully implanted in the body and invisible. Usually in the field of BCI doing in the lab, and they are trying to create a simple device that is fully implanted and its use can be done at home. With the device for a full day without being tethered to a computer, or without experts controlling the device.

  1. NAD Molecules

To work on NAD molecules, it is necessary to publish in cells by increasing NAD levels, which can quickly reverse many aspects of aging in mice. By giving NAD, it is hoped that old mice can run fast like young mice and actually outperform young mice. That happened because there was an increase in blood flow to the rat. The molecule used is called NMN. All this shows that they have a very fast way to turn it around. It can be imagined for people who are tired of lying in bed but have more energy to move back.

  1. Synthetic Biology

There is great potential for biotechnology ideas to offer better alternatives to current production and manufacturing systems using synthetic biology. Creating new products is a macro aspect, but biology can also help to reuse products or make chemicals that are sustainable for use in material processing. This is an biotechnology inventions to improve products that synthetic biology can do to enable a sustainable future.

  1. Treatment for Depression

Ketamine is one of the drugs commonly used for anesthesia or painkillers. Ketamine has the ability to inhibit the action of N-methyl-D-aspartate nerve cells. The results are very beneficial for Depression sufferers. Research shows that about 69% of patients who experience depression, who are immune to treatment experience an improvement in symptoms within 24 hours after taking ketamine. And for the first time, there is a quick treatment for people with major depression. This medicine is now available at pharmacies, but if you want to buy it, you must have a doctor’s prescription.

  1. Gene therapy

Gene therapy is used to insert genetic material into cells to make proteins that are beneficial to the body. If a mutated gene causes the required protein to be lost, gene therapy might be the solution, because gene therapy copies normal genes to restore protein function. Scientists have been researching gene therapy for the past 10 years. But from this study, the results that can be more is a failure compared to its success. Because gene therapy is so complex that it is engineered with viruses to send copies of healthy genes to patients. So it requires accuracy to apply it.

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  1. Liquid Biopsy

Liquid biopsy is a test performed on a person’s blood sample to look for cancer cells from a tumor. This approach circulates in the blood or for pieces of DNA from tumor cells in the blood. Liquid biopsy can analyze the signs of someone if you have a tumor in your body because the tumor DNA secretes ctDNA into the blood more than 100 times more in the blood than tumor cells. So a liquid biopsy is a right way to analyze whether our body has a tumor. Experts believe that this tool can treat someone who has cancer.

  1. HPV Test

HPV infects most sexually active women. There have been many cases of cervical cancer caused by this type of HPV. Despite having HPV prevention and care, access to HPV vaccine testing and its benefits is still limited for middle-income women. But for women now, don’t worry, because researchers have developed a self-managed HPV test that includes a test tube, a swab, and an inbox. Women can do their own tests, send samples back to the laboratory and after they are identified the hospital will notify dangerous HPV types.Scientists believe this approach will be used on a large scale in the future, the biggest prevention effort for cervical cancer to date.

  1. Microbiome

Microbes in our body are believed to release chemicals that interfere with our digestive system, especially the way food is digested. Therefore this year, biotech companies are more focused on microbiome by aiming to develop new diagnostics, new therapies and new probiotic products that are more effective in preventing dangerous microbial imbalances in our body. With rapid research and development from the National Microbiome Initiative, Experts believe that this year is a profitable year for the biotech industry.

  1. Reverse Paralysis

NeuroLife is an artificial experimental device that can connect the brain and body. This is one of many attempts to reverse paralysis in which brain waves are used to move paralyzed limbs, either by artificial robots or direct electrical stimulation. Researchers have made progress in using brain implants to restore freedom of movement for people with spinal cord injuries.

What new biotechnologies will enhance our lives in the future?

The impact of new biotechnology to improve our lives in the future will be increasingly clear. Most of the food we eat comes from engineered plants, which are modified through modern technology or by more traditional artificial selection. By growing without pesticides, or to withstand a rapidly changing climate. Biotechnology innovation is present in our lives from before birth to becoming children. Such as pregnancy tests, immunizations, antibiotics, treating cancer and heart disease.

Hoping about new biotechnology breakthroughs to be able to provide more benefits from several sectors such as social, health, agriculture, food, and others for the future. As well as being progressive in the field of technology and recorded in world history. However, it is always a public problem when biotech breakthroughs have results that are not as expected. There are still pros and cons to this. Whatever the perception, to encourage new technological breakthroughs for a better human future.