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It is interesting if we discuss twin phenomena that are not similar and also of the types of twins. A mother contains a fact of mind that blows by itself, then you find a unique thing that pleases that you give birth to twins that don’t look alike. How can it happen? Interesting if you want to know the explanation.

It is actually possible for twin brothers (not identical) coming from twins with two different fathers, such as the twist of the film may be heard. Some scholars argue that 1-2% of fraternal twin brothers have different fathers. Superfecundation or Heteroparental superfecundation is a phenomenon. Having a twins with different dads can give you a sibling, but what about twin types?

Can twins that don’t look alike have different fathers also be called “Heteropaternal Superfekund”, and very rare events are heteroopaternal superfetation. Nevertheless, in medical records both have been documented. This process produces fraternal twins, or dizigotic, because that comes from a fertilized egg that can give identical types of twins (monozygous). When a woman is in a fertile state of “heteropaternal superfecundation” and having sex with more than one man can produce a child with a identical twins definition.

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Types Of Twins

There are two different types of twins:

  • Monozygotic or identical (MZ)

An embryo splits into two for two weeks after fertilization is called a MZ twin that develops from one egg cell and is fertilized by one sperm. Consequently, genetically two identical babies will evolve.

  • Dizygotic, fraternal or non-identical (DZ)

Two eggs are released on one single ovulation which is fertilized by two different sperm called DZ Twins. Independently of these fertilized eggs are then implanted in the womb. This type of genetic relationship is divided by DZ twins with siblings who are not twin siblings.

How About Having Twins From Different Fathers?

Actually it is not very rare and may also occur in more than 1 in 50-100 ovulation. The woman also had to undergo ovulation twice (dizyogtic). Before ovulation, women in a few days to a week must have sexual intercourse (IVF) with different men. It will give two different sperm to fertilize two separate eggs.

Why Are There Twins That Don’t Look Alike?

It will look different from each other known as what does fraternal twins definition. Looking into two different types of twins is, monozygotic twins and dizygotic twins may not look exactly the same as those described by the National Human Genome Research Institute. Identical types of twins that don t look alike or “Twins Monozygous” come from one of the same embryos. Their genes are one hundred percent identical because they come from the same DNA. Meanwhile, the fraternal or dizygotic twins are two eggs that are fertilized by two different sperm cells. So both siblings have the same DNA.

Can You See Twins In 6 Weeks?

In the first trimester-as early as 4-6 weeks after your twin menstruation can be detected using ULTRASOUND, then at 6-8 weeks of Heartbeat can be found (it is quite difficult to distinguish two heartbeats that always show twins). It is unlikely that twins could be missed on week 6-12. Twins can also be missed if you miss a prenatal treatment or have a fibroid uterus.

Why Are Twins That Don’t Look Alike With Different Fathers?

This only bid took place on a fraternal twin brother called superfecundation. This is the reason why twins are not similar because they have twins born on different days.

When a woman has sexual intercourse and is fertilized by sperm from different men, there are heteropaternal superfecundation and superfecundation. Who the dad of twins biological would reveal in his testing.

How To Early Signs Of Twins?

At the first prenatal meeting pregnancy twins can often be decapable. Some signs or symptoms of a twin pregnancy can be a clue for you.

Please check your pregnancy because your doctor or medical nurse knows exactly if there is a potential for a twin pregnancy. Some common signs that may mean you are pregnant twins that don’t look alike:

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  • You experience excessive symptoms
  • You have characteristics that increase chances
  • You’ve raised the Level of hCG or AFP
  • You feel early fetal movement
  • You measure big for gestational age or gain weight quickly
  • You have a sneak suspicion

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