Almond Allergy Symptoms: Identify the Type and How to Handle it, Instanly Worked

Definition: Almond Allergy Symptoms

is a series of allergic symptoms that arise after consuming almonds, for reasons of allergic reactions because the patient’s body can identify almond protein as a foreign protein so that it triggers an immune response to cause inflammation. everyone feels different levels of disease with almond intolerance.

Do you know? If the almond allergy symptoms can cause mild rash until breathing difficulties Thus endangering the soul. generally, people affected by allergic symptoms of tree nuts such as almonds occur only after a few hours of consumption.

Regardless of that almonds have a lot of fiber, calcium, protein and unsaturated fats. It has been found based on research that almond can reduce heart disease and also cholesterol. Besides taste good, almond is well-developed with nutrients. Both are filling each other and have many benefits, Almond is chosen by those who has other food intolerance.

How long does almond allergy last?

Almond Allergy Symptoms takes up to 72 hours to appear, but the severity and type will differ from one person to another.

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How to Handle Almond Allergy Symptoms

In general, this type of tree nut is one of the 8 most commonly encountered food allergies and affects children and also adults, although allergies to almonds does not mean allergies to other types of tree nuts.
Most food producers are careful to mention the existence of nuts in their products, it becomes important to you read all the labels in the food. Consult with your doctor to find out if it is permissible or should avoid tree beans at all.
If your doctor has a laboratory in place, you will quickly know the exact results of what allergies you are experiencing.

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3 Type of Almond Allergy Symptoms

in below we will explain some types of allergy symptoms from almonds:

  1. Skin and Mouth

    If you have any symptoms of almond allergies you will usually experience itching and rash after consuming it, usually these symptoms will appear after an hour. Symptoms that occur in the skin are usually the most typical food allergic reaction.
    Another name of an allergic reaction involving the mouth is Oral allergic syndrome, mouth or throat will feel itchy and sometimes the tongue will also experience swelling.

  2. Anaphylaxis

    is the most serious allergic reaction that can make a person exposed to difficulty breathing, Additionally Anaphylaxis usually leads to more than one of the following: itchy rash, swelling of the throat or tongue, shortness of breath, vomiting, mild headache, and low blood pressure. if not immediately get the treatment will result in unconsciousness and death. These events will happen quickly within minutes after you are exposed to almonds, you should immediately seek medical help if you experience these Anaphylaxis symptoms.

  3. Gastrointestinal Systems

    Gastrointestinal symptoms result in vomiting as well as diarrhea, and stomach cramps. It can happen quickly after eating almonds. Clinical diagnosis requires the exclusion of nonimmunological diseases that have similar gastrointestinal symptoms. Current research aims to improve the diagnostic tools and therapeutic options available to patients.

  4. Respiratory Tract

    In humans, the respiratory tract is an important part of the anatomy of the respiratory system involved with the respiration process. These respiratory tract symptoms result in nasal congestion usually accompanied by itching or itching on the nose. In children this allergic symptoms can also be associated with asthma.

    That’s the above explanation in detail regarding the almond allergies symptoms, if you have to stop consuming this almond believe me this is not the end of everything. There are many other food options that are certainly delicious and nutritious to make your stay comfortable and healthy.