Biotechnology Products: The Best 5 Of Agriculture In The world

At the first time introduction, Biotechnology Products was used primarily in medicine to research and manufacture pharmaceutical and diagnostic modern biotech products that help prevent and cure diseases. But, in the last decade, like never before this technology has found its place in the farming industry.

The main focus of this technology is food and plants that have been genetically modified. In addition, there are many benefits offered for the global population conducted by agro-biotechnology. Agricultural technology example after years of investigation is a highly beneficial and also safe technology that plays a role in promoting economics and the environment.

One of the world’s promising technologies is industrial biotechnology products, the industry has a lot of potential to tackle the world’s biggest challenges, such as; offers a new alternative to our scarce natural resources and also feeding the growing population. how has Biotechnology improved farming and modern agriculture?

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What The Agricultural Biotechnology Products?

  1. Vaccines

In the development of genetically modified plant vaccine has a significant contribution. The disease prevention process is altered by a new vaccine that uses types of biotechnologies innovations. Antigenic proteins extracted from engineered pathogens from foods such as vegetables, fruits, and grains. These antigens trigger an immune response when injected into the body and increase the resistance to the pathogens.

  1. Plant and Animal Reproduction

To improve the pattern of behavior of plants and animals takes time traditional techniques such as; Crossbreeding, grafting, and cross pollination. At the molecular level through excess expression, Agro-biotechnology has made it possible to enhance the properties of plants and animals.

  1. Antibiotics

Traditionally produced antibiotics are equally low in costs with animal antibiotics produced through technology. Production of antibiotics for humans and animals is applied by agricultural technology examples.

  1. Nutritional Supplements

Scientists have found ways to fight disease and hunger by making genetically modified foods with nutrients. which of the following is an example of biotechnology products? One good example of such food is golden rice that contains beta carotene, the main source of Vitamin A in the body.

  1. Pesticide-Resistant Crops

Crops and weeds are influenced by the use of pesticides that harm farmers in ancient times. To withstand the current pesticide attacks biotechnology has led to crop engineering. Farmers can now kill weeds selectively without damaging their crops.

What The Tools And Applications Of Green Biotechnology In Agriculture?

  1. Crop modification
  2. Increased agronomic properties
  3. Tissue culture and micropropagation
  4. Better Nutrient Content

Are Agricultural Biotechnology Products Regulated?

Yes. Biotechnology products in the United States are governed by the 1986 Regulatory Technology coordination framework.

Under a coordinated framework, list of agricultural biotechnology examples products are regulated by three institutions:

  1. The Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for ensuring that pest-resistant biotech varieties are safe to grow and consume. It regulates environmental exposure to these plants to ensure there are no adverse effects on the environment or other beneficial insects that are not targeted and other organisms.
  2. The U.S. Department of Agriculture oversees interstate movements and field testing of crops derived from Biotechnology “regulated articles” to ensure that the environment is protected. Petitions for “unregulated status” should be given by the USDA before the commercial growth and sale of any biotechnology plants.
  3. The Food administration and drugs impose on food developed through the same biotechnology regulatory requirements that the FDA uses to protect all food in the market. The FDA has market and post market authorities to regulate the safety and labeling of all food and livestock feed.

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How Many Branches There Are In Biotechnology?

There are five main branches of biotechnology products, namely:

  • Industrial Biotechnology:

Useful organic substances related to commercial production, such as acetic acid, citric acid, acetone, glycerine, etc., and antibiotics such as penicillins, streptomycin, Mitomisin, etc., through the use of microorganisms especially fungi and bacteria.

  • Environmental Biotechnology:

Dealing with detoxification of waste and industrial waste, wastewater treatment, and control of plant and insect disease through the use of biological agents, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi etc.

  • Animal Biotechnology:

Increased production of milk or meat with resistance to various diseases related to the development of genetically modified animals. It also deals with in vitro egg fertilization and embryo transfer to the female animal uterus for further development.

  • Medical Biotechnology:

Production of various drugs and hormones on a large scale such as human insulin and interferon; Vaccine for chickenpox, rabies, polio etc. Related to the diagnosis of various diseases.

  • Plant Biotechnology:

Plant biotechnology products is a combination of tissue culture and genetic engineering related to the development of genetically modified crops with resistance to biotic and abiotic stress; haploid development, Embryo rescue, clone multiplication, cryopreservation etc.

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