Crispr Pros and Cons Ethical Concerns and Benefits of CRISPR

What is Crispr?

Crispr Pros and Cons | Crispr is part of prokaryotic DNA that uses short basic sequences over and over. In which each repetition will be followed by short DNA to regulate DNA in viruses and plasmids. Crispr also includes the immune system which provides resistance to genetic elements present in plasmids and bacteriophages that provide an active immune system. so, in essence Crispr is a technique that is useful for scientists to edit any DNA whether bacterial or human.

When Was Crispr Found?

Crispr was first discovered by Osaka University Yoshizumi Ishino and his colleagues in 1987. They accidentally cloned the Crispr sequence together with Gen. They realize that repetition is unusual, because usually the repeated sequence is arranged sequentially in no different order.

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Crispr has become a very popular tool among scientists today. Because Crispr is easy to use and relatively inexpensive. With the Crispr tool scientists can cure genetic diseases and organ transplants. But many experts worry that Crispr Pros and Cons / Crispr technology is used to create desired qualities rather than cure and save someone’s life.

Below are Crispr Pros and Cons that are Brought about by Crispr Technology:

Crispr Pro

Crispr technology has an important role for scientists and biotechnology companies to create and develop new medicines and gene therapy. Below are some of the successful disease treatments created and developed by scientists thanks to the help of Crispr technology – Crispr Pros and Cons:

  • Pest Resistant Plants – Jennifer Doudna believes that Crispr Technology can help scientists in the process of editing plant genomes that can survive in extreme climate and weather as well as plants that can withstand pest attacks.
  • Can cure hereditary diseases / Genetic diseases – Crispr technology can eliminate genes that cause hereditary diseases or gene diseases, for example diabetes and cystic fibrosis. With the help of Crispr technology scientists can easily map the many genes that cause genetic diseases, so scientists can easily cure disease genes that are in the body.
  • Creating new medicines – Crispr’s technology also helps scientists in creating new medicines quickly, effectively and efficiently.
  • Cancer Therapy – With the help of Crispr Technology scientists can modify T-cells to find and kill cancer cells in the body. Therefore Crispr has an important role in the treatment of immunotherapy that is developing at this time.
  • Very Cheap Crispr Technology – Crispr Cas9 is a relatively inexpensive way to stop, delete and modify genes.

Cons Crispr

  • Crispr Pros and Cons | Crispr technology is not always efficient – Efficiency in editing can be influenced by a lot of internal and external factors that can hinder the efforts of scientists in genome editing experiments.
  • Designing Babies – Genetically modifying human embryos and reproductive cells, so scientists can design babies in accordance with desirable traits that can be passed on to the next generation. so that real life will not be much different from life in science fiction films that are on the screen.
  • BioWeapons – Because of the cheapness of Crispr Technology compared to other engineering tools, Crispr has become very popular in various organizations. The US government is concerned that Crispr technology is being used by terrorists to make weapons that modify bacteria and viruses to attack humans with biological attacks.
  • For fear of a terrorist threat in making BioWeapon, the United States defense agency invested $ 60 million in a team investigating how to make gene editing technology – Crispr Pros and Cons. the goal is to make gene editing technology safer to use for the environment and the wider community.

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Those are some of the positive and negative impacts of Crispr Technology and Crispr Pros and Cons for human health. I hope this article can help you get the information you need. Thank you for visiting my site. Don’t forget to share, because sharing is caring