The Best Biotech Companies in the America 2019

What is a biotechnology companies? An Overview

Biotechnology company is a company that serves to make medicines for life that comes from living organisms, unlike the pharmaceutical companies that both make the drug, but in general are made from the basics of chemistry.

Biotechnology companies are a big industry in the stock market, which helps many sectors, in the sense of helping the development of large sectors such as medicine, food, genetics. In this era there are thousands of biotechnology companies popping around the world. And the best one is in the USA.

Top Biotechnology Companies in the USA

Here we explain, some of the largest biotechnology companies in America:

  1. Illumina Inc.

    • stock price: ILMN (NASDAQ) $309.05  “Oct 22 “

    Is the best San Diego biotechnology companies in America, Illumina fused in April 98. and has employees of approximately 7300 people, the focus of this company is producing, developing and marketing an integrated system for the analysis of genetics variations and biological functions.

  2. BioMarin

    • stock price: BMRN (NASDAQ) $ 67.73  “Oct 22”

    BioMarin Pharmaceutical is a company founded by Christoper Starr and Glen Denison Jr. In 1997 and now scattered in various countries in the world, such as Germany, Ireland, Turkey, Malaysia, Japan, ETC.

    The company’s focus is on the development of special therapies for patients living with serious and life-threatening genetic diseases, these therapies are mentioned best in their class.

  3. Agilent Technologies

    • Stock Price: A (NYSE) $74.69  “Oct 22”

    is a California biotechnology companies established in 1999 based on the spin-off of HP’s (Hewlett-Packards) Medical Product and instrument Group. However, from the spin-offs it resulted in a record initial public offering at that time of $2.1 billion.

    Agilent’s focus is on fulfilling various scientific and laboratory management needs such as instruments, software, services and consumables.

  4. Alexion

    • Stock Price: ALXN (NASDAQ) $99.28  “Oct 22”

    Alexion Pharmaceuticals Biotech companies founded by Leonard Bell in 1992, famous for its products, SOLIRIS. also has employees around 2400 people scattered throughout the world.

    The company’s focus is on developing and producing drugs to combat rare diseases, which are not produced by other biotechnology companies.

  5. Vertex

    • Stock Price: VRTX (NASDAQ) $191.06  “Oct 22”.

    Vertex Pharmaceuticals is a California biotechnology company, established in 1989 and distributed in various countries such as London, UK, Australia and Latin America.

    The company’s focus is on developing hepatitis C treatment, and prodding the combined drugs Ivacaftor and Lumacaftor.

  6. Celgene Corporation

    • stock price: CELG (NASDAQ) $104.70  “Oct 22 ” and is predicted to continue to increase. 🙂

    Celgene is an American Biotechnology company established in 1986, Based in New Jersey, USA.

    Celgene Corporation’s focus is on the development and production of marketing of cancer treatment products and inflammatory conditions that are immune (severe).

  7. Biogen Inc

    • Stock Price: BIIB (NASDAQ) $281.87  “Oct 22 ” which continues to give positive value in the stock market.

    Biogen is the world’s first multinational biotechnology company established in 1978 by Charles Weissmann, Kenneth Murray and Heinz Schaller. Have employees of approximately 8000 people scattered around the world.

    Biogen Inc. focus is on creating and developing, marketing and treating neurological diseases. And on October 22nd this Biogen announces Aducanumab, the Biogen is planning on obtaining the regulator’s approval for aducanumab, an investigative treatment for early Alzheimer’s disease.

  8. Gilead Sciences

    • Stock Price: GILD (NASDAQ) $65.86  “Oct 22 “

    Gilead is an Biotech company based in California, USA. has employees over 10000 people scattered around the world. and grossed $22.13 billion in 2018.

    The company’s focus is on the development and creation of the drug as a treatment for people with HIV, Hepatitis C, B and Influenza including Harvoni and Sovaldi.

  9. AMGEN

    • Stock Price: AMGN (NASDAQ) $204.83  “Oct 22 “.

    AMGen is the largest Biotech companies in 2018 according to Forbes magazine. Established in 1980 and has employees of 21000 people scattered around the world. A famous product made by Amgen Kepivance, Stemgen, Kineret. are all sold and licensed by Biovitrium. Other products Amgen are Aimovig, Aranesp, Blincyto, Epogen, Kineret, Enbrel, Kyprolis, Neulasta, Neupogen, Nplate, Parsabiv, Prolia, Repatha, Sensipar/Mimpara, Vectibix and Xgeva.

What is the best biotech companies to work for?

All of the above companies are the largest and most trusted biotech companies in America and of course in other countries. Therefore all of them are suitable for you who want to pursue a career in the field of biotechnology.

But we recommend the best biotech companies to work for you is at AMGEN INC, because in addition to the big salary, there you can learn about advanced biotech science and learn to develop biotechnology companies to become Large corporations and multinational companies, for your advances and experience.

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