The Best Nano Tank Aquarium: Complete Reviews and Settings For Nano Tank – 2019

What is Nano Aquarium?

Nano aquarium is an aquarium that has a small size and the occupants in it are emphasized a small scale. With that, everything in it has a small scale like a miniature life. The fish species chosen are nano fish originating from small tropical fish. Plants and rocks for nano aquariums must also be of small species. There are two types of nano aquariums, namely freshwater nano aquariums or saltwater/marine nano aquariums. However, specifically for saltwater/marine nano aquariums, it is more difficult to perform maintenance and maintenance compared to freshwater nano aquariums.

In recent years, it turns out that nano aquariums have become a popular hobby. With the convenience of a small aquarium, it invites relaxation and calm. The number of small fish available, the increasing popularity of shrimp, and the striking small plants are an attraction for those who love them. But the aquarium will not come loose with nano tanks.

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What is a Nano Tank?

Nano tank is a fish tank designed to maintain a small ecosystem in a small room. The term Nano Tank usually means a tank that has ten gallons or smaller. This will be a solution and an alternative for those who use too many gallons and have less space. Nano tanks can provide an attractive environment for some small fish and scenery in the living room. These tanks often come with better and smoother lighting. A good tank selection depends on the type of fish and plants chosen to fill your Nano aquarium.

Interest in nano fish tanks has increased quite rapidly because more and more people want to keep simple fish without using lots of gallons and avoiding excessive use of space. This tank is very suitable to be placed in an office or in your home. With all these advantages, it’s time we know some of the best nano tanks that are often used by most people.

What is the Best Nano Tank?

  1. Nano Cube Aquarium

Nano Cube Aquarium is an aquarium that is quite small compared to other aquarium sizes with a size of 20x20x25 cm. It’s special with its small size so it can be placed anywhere. It’s easy to feed because it has a small hole devoted to it at the top of the tank. Don’t worry about tank tops made of strong, resistant and cracked plastic. To enhance the look of the tank, the LED lights that hang above the tank are equipped with filters and seat covers.


  • It’s easy to set aquarium filters.
  • It has a very simple setting and makes it easy for users.
  • With efficient and stunning lighting it adapts to the size and shape.


  • Finding out the use of filters, because no user guide was given.
  • A little noisy when the air bubbles are still in the filter.
  • The basic ingredients of plastic are not glass.
  1. Coralife Tank

Coralife Tank is the tank of choice for those who love coral. By having lights that can be run through a timer for 24 hours with 3 different channels including, for daytime with bright white color, for nighttime with sparkling blue color and to provide a tank color that rivets the eyes with LED lighting. Because LED lighting is the most highlighted feature of this tank. By installing 30 minutes of automatic lights for sunrise and sunset.

And has a 60-minute moonrise or moonset function to replicate the natural day cycle. Uses a quiet submersible pump and an adjustable return nozzle. Use built-in filtering that is simple and easy to set up for maintenance. So that Coralife is one of the best all-in-one nano reef tanks.


  • It is well built and has three separate chambers for storing various parts of the tank.
  • Filtering can be adjusted and adjusted easily.
  • The lighting that comes in is very good for the reef or coral inside.
  • Has a top-hinge canopy design for easy maintenance.


  • Fans are sometimes noisy.
  • It’s quite difficult to clean the back room.
  • Adding own tank equipment such as protein skimmers or filter media.
  1. MarineLand

Marineland is one of the best ideas in the selection of nano tanks. They come with a variety of conveniences that have a very easy arrangement. By having two dazzling and different LED light settings, to show the light during the day even as night with moonlight. Energy-efficient and efficient lighting system installed on hinged rails. With a modern and fashionable appearance, it is very appropriate to be placed in any area because it has a small size. It has a sliding glass canopy that is above the aquarium that makes it easy to open and close when doing maintenance.


  • It can easily set the aquarium for maintenance and care.
  • Formed with portrait orientation which facilitates the placement of tall plants.
  • Filters do not produce sounds that interfere with hearing.


  • It has a small filter so it is rather difficult to clean.
  • Before cleaning, you must first lift the lamp above the cover.
  • Remove the aquarium lid first, before feeding it.

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  1. Nano Fluval Tank

The Fluval Nano Tank has a variety of types, which we discuss today is the Fluval Edge Aquarium. This tank is a unique aquarium with a simple but very elegant design. It has a size of 13.7 x 17 x 14.3 inches for the 6-gallon version which is suitable for storage in the office or in the home. With a very neat design and all hidden wires so they are not messy. It has a strong and efficient lighting system, and the top uses a closed glass that allows you to see clearly inside. The smaller tank is equipped with 21 LED lights, with 18 white lights and 3 blue lights to simulate moonlight.


  • The filtration system is very effective, making maintenance easier.
  • The build quality is very good because it is built for longer durability.
  • It takes a few seconds to start the tank setup.


  • The filter can make noise until the air bubbles can be clean.
  • It’s quite difficult to clean because it has a small hole.
  • To clean the tank, you must first lift the lamp ornament.
  1. Penn Plax Curved Aquarium

Penn Plax Curved Tank provides various sizes such as 3.4 gallons, 5 gallons, 7.5 gallons, and 10 gallons. As the name suggests the Penn Plax aquarium is a tank specifically designed for desktop owners who want to bring a little spark and entertainment to a table or other type of work surface. This model is an affordable entry and is usually intended for beginner fish keepers because it can help in the care of fish with simple features and is not difficult. By having a curved corner you can see the inhabitants freely without obstacles. It comes using LED lights, internal cascade filters, and hinged plastic caps.


  • With curved glass so that you can clearly see the inhabitants without any obstacles.
  • has a very easy setting.
  • Filters that do not issue noise.


  • Not equipped with a heater for raising tropical fish.
  • The lights are thin enough so that it has lighting that is not too bright.
  • The cover material is quite thin.
  1. Cobalt Aquatics Microvue3 Aquarium Kit

Cobalt Aquatics Microvue3 Aquarium is a nano fish tank that is quite small in size from several other tanks. With a size of 10 x 10 x 12 inches which is ideal for storing on all types of flat surfaces. This tank is very good for maintaining all types of fish and plants, even bettas because it has a pump that is strong enough. It has a Clear Vue 20 internal filter and a 6w mini LED lamp, which allows you to enjoy full fish maintenance. It can be enjoyed from all angles to view it. This tank has a variety of sizes namely 2.6 gallons, 5.3 gallons, and 8 gallons.


  • The aquarium is sleekly designed so it is beautiful and ideal for all rooms.
  • Equipped with a built-in Clear Cue 20 filter to keep the water clean and circulating.
  • It is suitable for maintaining all types of fish or plants in the aquarium.


  • not yet known

What is Needed for a Nano Aquarium?

  1. Filtering

The filter is an important part of nano tank equipment because it can keep the water properly clean and provide water flow in the tank. If the tank is not equipped with a filter, do not worry because it can use a hang-on-back system that functions the same as a filter in general but it uses mechanical, biological and chemical. At present, many nano aquariums are equipped with a small inbuilt filtration unit at the rear.

  1. Heating

The intended heater is for the maintenance of tropical fish that needs to maintain a consistent temperature in the water. Some heaters can be adjusted in temperature and make it possible to control the temperature of the water and keep it stable to find the optimal temperature for most tropical fish. Because the temperature of the water can support the fish to be inside even though the fish itself can regulate its own body.

  1. Lighting

Nano aquarium lights are needed to make fish appear brighter and provide enough light to see if there are problems with fish. At present, many tanks have built-in lights free of charge, but sometimes there are some tanks that are required for personal purchase or additional lighting. The lights are enabled by most fish species to help mimic the natural cycle of day and night. In addition, the lights themselves are needed for plant growth that is placed in a nano tank.

  1. Nano Planting Tank

Most suitable for planted aquariums are soil-like media. However, the equipment needed for a nano aquarium will largely depend on the type of tank desired. Because it might be possible to choose to maintain freshwater or saltwater settings. All of that, back again to the desired species such as tropical fish or cold water, which might require heating.

What Fish is Good for a Nano Tank?

Here are the best freshwater nano fish:

  • Betta fish
  • Dwarf Puffer
  • Danios the Heavenly Pearl
  • Goby Bumblebee
  • Sparkling Gourami

Here are the best saltwater nano fish:

  • Cardinalfish Pajama
  • Blue Devil Damsel Fish
  • Angelfish Coral Beauty
  • Neon Blue Goby
  • Goby Firefish

How to Set a Nano Tank so that it runs well?

Nano fish tank is very easy to install if the equipment is complete. It is better if there is a manual available for Nano Tank settings that can be followed. Following are the steps to ensure preparation of the Nano Tank so that it runs well:

  1. Choose a location to put it in the right place to start it. Avoid natural light sources to prevent the development of algae and from other heat sources.
  2. Perform routine tank cleaning, both new tanks always do the cleaning to remove dust. For cleaning, you can use warm water or vinegar to make it more sterile.
  3. Add pebbles, sand or decorations as desired.
  4. Place the heater and filter, installation of tanks for saltwater requires additional protein skimmers and powerheads.
  5. Prepare water suitable for storage for freshwater or saltwater. Make sure you use reverse osmosis water, or remove chlorine, and add salt if you install a nano reef tank.
  6. Place a small bowl on the sand, as a place to pour water up so as not to move the substrate into the tank.
  7. The tank needs to complete the nitrogen cycle, which allows beneficial bacteria to build up and help convert ammonia and nitrites which are lethal to fish.
  8. Enter the fish species and give them time to adjust, provided they are not included immediately. Let them float in their bags in for 10 minutes, and then every five minutes, add a cup of tank water until the bag is full. Then can release the fish into the tank.

When deciding what type of arrangement to use, it is important to consider the needs of the fish you want to maintain. The best bet is when adjusting the tank around the species all in one aquarium. The advantage of a larger tank is actually easier to maintain in the long run. Plus giving you more room for fish and plants. However, the space needed requires a large space too. In contrast, a nano tank that requires little space. It’s easy to see why nano tanks are so popular. Because this tank is pretty and compact enough to meet many different budgets and life situations. So many fun and creative things that can be done with smaller tanks.