The Definition of the Best Blood Type: Interesting Facts of Your Blood Type 2019

What is the Blood Type?

Basically, humans have four categories of best blood type namely A, B, AB, and O. Blood type is a classification or grouping of blood, which is based on antigenic substances that are inherited on the surface of red blood cells and the presence of antibodies. The presence of antigens such as proteins, carbohydrates, glycoproteins, or glycolipids, depends on the blood type system. Each blood type can interpret nature and determine one’s health profile, such as what foods are best, and what exercises provide the best results for the mind, body, and spirit.

The best blood type principles are A for Agraria, B for Bavaria, O for Original, and AB for modern blood types and have the best immune system. Blood type is based on antigens present in red blood. For those who have blood type A, and B only have one antigen, except for AB which has both A and B. For those who have blood type O, do not have antigens.

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Know Your Best Blood Type

  • Blood type A

Foods for blood type A are recommended foods with a vegetarian based diet program such as fish, chicken, and yogurt. Avoid beans, spicy foods, dehydration, and coffee. All that, because blood type A has the character to accumulate fat from meat and sugar. They are very easily stressed and susceptible to high cortisol, with increasing drinking water can help calm. The spirit of leadership, organized, and efficiency is found in the blood type A owner.

  • Blood type B

Blood Type B owners are flexible, friendly and action-oriented. Milk, fish, vegetables, tea, and seeds are very suitable for this blood type. Forget about foods containing preservatives and alcohol. Blood type B has extreme swings to high cortisol levels, and breathing can help restore harmony.

  • Blood type AB

AB blood type This is considered a modern blood type, so they can digest anything efficiently. It is recommended to eat organic and fresh food because this blood type is very sensitive to obesity. Obesity can come quickly if you do not do routine activities, such as sports. Activities such as walking can help release tension that has accumulated while handling excessive stress.

  • Blood type O

Basically, those who have Blood Type O are Vulnerable to explosions of anger, visualizing something that is peaceful helps to restore anger. Practical, assertive, and empathic are some of the characteristics of Blood Type O. Recommended foods such as meat, fish, and vegetables. Avoid dairy products, processed foods, and overeating.

A blood type that has positive and negative values, but based on the presence of proteins that refer to the Rh factor. What is the Rh Factor? Rh factor is a protein found on the surface of red blood cells in those who have positive blood groups. In short, if you have protein, then you can be declared a positive blood type. If you don’t have it, you are negative. A person with an O blood group with no Rh factor will be a negative O blood type. One of the best blood types, O negative, is very special because it can be donated universally.

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Amazing facts about your Blood type

  1. Save your life with blood type

By recognizing your best blood type, it can be easier when you are traveling and have an accident. Maybe blood transfusion is needed and must have important documents about your blood type. With that, the medical team easily provides the blood type needed. If a blood transfusion is different from your blood type, it can lead to complications and endanger your life.

  1. Effects of blood type for fertility

Researchers have shown that women with blood type O tend to be the most fertile. Studies show that many women in their 30s find that women with blood type contain several eggs that have difficulty maintaining fertility.

  1. Choose your partner with blood type

Blood types not only become A, B, O, and AB, but they are also Rh-positive or Rh-negative. Researchers have found that when people who are Rh-positive get married everything will go smoothly. But problems arise when Rh-positive men pair up with Rh-negative women. This makes the prospective baby potentially damaged.

Blood type is related to several diseases including heart attack, and stroke. In fact, the average non O blood group has a risk of 50-80 percent higher than the owner of the blood type O. To manage risk factors related to the heart and stroke, it can be familiarized with the lifestyle and drugs prescribed by the doctor So it helps you stay in top shape.