Top 10 Exotic Flowers in USA with Easy Maintenance

Exotic Flowers: An Overview

In the definition of exotic word language is usually typical of tropical country. And for exotic flowers is usually a plant that is rarely cultivated or introduced to a certain country and is not a typical/native flower of the area so that it becomes foreign.
Most ornamental plants that are cultivated are exotic flowers, do you agree?

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What are some exotic flowers?

Below we will describe 10 exotic flowers that are best suited for you to make your home and garden decoration, and of course you’ll love it.

  1. Flamingo Flower

    Flamingo Flower or other word The anthurium is an exotic flower that originated in Latin America such as Argentina and Mexico, called exotic characterized by spadix flowers that are captivating differently to the beautiful red Trivium.

    This exotic flower grows on other crops to obtain its nutrients and humidity for its survival.

    Kingdom  : Plantae
    Order         : Alismatales
    Family       : Araceae
    Genus        : Anthurium
    Species     : Anthurium sp.

  2. Salvinia Molesta (Calla Lily)

    Typical exotic flowers from South Africa include endemic and ordinary plants living in wet areas such as ponds and riverbanks and also live in areas with relatively cold temperatures.

    But this flower in addition to having beauty, it turns out to have poison when eaten by us. Some species have orange and purple colors.

    Kingdom    : PLantae
    Order             : Alismatales
    Family           : Araceae
    Genus            : Zantadeschia
    Species         : Zantadeschia aethiopica

  3. Brazilian Pepper

    Has the Latin name Schinus Terebinthifolius, this plant is an exotic flower endemic to Latin America such as Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Brazilian Pepper can grow to 35 feet has bright red fruit and green leaves.

    Because of its rapid growth then it can rival other nearby crops to get soil minerals, moisture as well as get light and the most fatal of these flowers secrete chemicals that can turn off the growth of other flowers. In USA alone Brazilian Pepper is used as an ornamental plant.

    Kingdom  : PLantae
    Order         : Sapindales
    Family       : Anacardiaceae
    Genus        : Schinus
    Species     : Schinus Terebinthifolius

  4. Australian Pine (Iron Wood)

    Australian Pine is popularly known as Iron Wood as an exotic flower from Australia. This herb can produce thick foliage and also flowers throughout the year, so it can easily dominate the area of development.

    This exotic flower is characterized by apetalous flowers that are neatly arranged in a catkin’s flowering.

    Kingdom     : PLantae
    Order           : Phales
    Family         : Casuarinaceae
    Genus          : Casuarina
    Species        : Casuarina equisetifolia

  5. Seaside Mahoe

    This flower is better known as Portia Tree and is believed to come from India, this exotic flower is resistant to drought and salt resistant so it can be used as an ornamental plant.

    Besides being able to flourish in various habitats, the Seaside Mahoe is also able to grow massively and defeat other crops thus making other plants stunted in growth.

    Kingdom      : PLantae
    Order            : Malvales
    Family          : Malvaceae
    Genus           : Thepesia
    Species         : Thespesia Eucalyptus

  6. Dutch Amaryllis

    It has the Latin name Hippeastrum Reginae including an exotic flower originating from the area in South Africa, perfectly suited in buenabled indoors.

    This plant has a charming appearance such as bulb with pink, orange, white as well as red.

    Kingdom     : PLantae
    Order           : Asparagales
    Family         : Amaryllidaceae
    Genus          : Hippeastrum
    Species        : Hippeastrum reginae

  7. Mayweed Chamomile

    One thing of this beautiful exotic flower is that it has a distinctive smell that is not very tasty, flowers originating from the Mediterranean region have yellow discs surrounded by white flowers.

    Program flowers grow very quickly and can damage plants around it, therefore mayweed Chamomile is often dispossessed also “Anise dog ”

    Kingdom          : PLantae
    Order                : Schizaeales
    Family              : Lygodiaceae
    Genus                : Anthemis Cotula
    Species              : Anthemis Cotula

  8. Spotted Knapweed

    This beautiful exotic flower has pink flowers to purple and with black ends surrounded by green bracts, distinctive flowers and native Europeans and Asians.

    This flower can release toxins in the roots so as to slow the development of plants surrounding flowers and its roots are able to suck water faster than other crops.

    Kingdom      : PLantae
    Order            : Asterales
    Family          : Asteraceae
    Genus           : Centaurea
    Species         : Centaurea maculosa

  9. Filaree

    This one exotic flower is a typical native of Asia and Europe, started cultivated in America circa 1700s and is now scattered in North America.

    Interestingly, Filaree is a good source of honey. If eaten tastes like parsley, this flower has 5 pink to red petals and leaves very close to the ground.

    Kingdom   : PLantae
    Order          : Geraniales
    Family        : Geraniaceae
    Genus         : Erodium
    Species      : Erodium cicutarium

  10. American Lotus

    The last is American Lotus with the other name Nelumbo Lutea has a distinctive ability in its leaves can repel water because of its waxy nature.

    Scattered in the wet areas in America and this plant belongs to the type of flowering plants, has a piston and stamen and only blooms a few days. This plant dominates wetlands and certainly prevents the growth of other crops.

    Kingdom   : PLantae
    Order         : Roteales
    Family       : Nelumbonaceae
    Genus        : Nelumbo
    Species      : Nelumbo lutea

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