What Is a Food Scientist? The Advantages of Become a Food Scientist 2019

What is a Food Scientist?

A food scientist is someone who studies food processing using techniques, microbiology, and chemistry. By analyzing the contents of food, they can determine the level of nutrition whether safe or not consumed? Also, scientists look for new nutritious food sources and analyze how to process food to feel safe and healthy when consumed. Find the best way to distribute, preserve and package food so that it is easy for many people to find it their job.

What is the Difference Between Food Scientists and Food Technology?

Basically, Food Scientists and Food Technology is a big part of the progress and development in the food sector. Both become one of the changes in this decade. There are variations when talking about the responsibilities of these researchers because they depend on their role and where they work. What do food scientists and Food Technology do? A food technologist generally works with a company to study its products and help develop innovations through scientific research, nutritional evaluation, and testing. While a food scientist studies food, using scientific knowledge aims to improve safety, production, and nutrition.

Food Technologists job description:

  • Determine the estimated storage time for food products
  • Observe reactions from the public after the product is released
  • Save reports and communicate research and testing findings

Food Scientist job description:

  • Running scientific experiments to improve food products
  • Deliver findings effectively to companies, agencies or related institutions
  • Keeping up-to-date notes on nutrition and safety requirements

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How to become a Food Scientist?

To become a food scientist requires a bachelor’s degree from an accredited and highly reputable college or university. Certification is needed for food scientists to demonstrate expertise and commitment to their profession. Several institutions offer food science Certification Programs such as the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) or Certified Food Scientists (CFS). Through the Certification program, to recognize scientific knowledge and skills applied by scientists.

Here are the Advantages of Working to Become a Food Scientist?

  1. Have a Free Trip

Most of the food industry is global and many large companies in the United States have businesses in several other countries. So with that, scientists can visit offices in various countries. Depending on the position in the company, which allows travel at a cost borne by the company.

  1. Free Food

Being a food scientist can make interesting new products, by testing products for quality and doing research. By doing that all will always meet extraordinary food and can directly try it for free. It is possible to find combinations of dishes and flavors that have never been known by many people.

  1. Have a Large Salary

Being a food scientist certainly has to have a bachelor’s degree in food science. All that has a great opportunity to get a very large salary. For a starting salary, they can get a salary of $ 45,000. The average scientist has a salary of $ 80,000 per year and can be even higher, adjusting the positions and responsibilities taken. For example, if entering into a management position it is possible to get six times as large.

  1. New Environment

Being a food scientist has the freedom to work by developing creative ideas. There will be many people who help while testing and researching. They exchange ideas to solve problems and problems regarding food development. A new friendly environment, filled with competent people can be found if you become a scientist.

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With advances in food science, it’s time for you to pursue a food science career or management position. Usually, both careers require a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Other options, you can either teach food scientist education or work in basic research, to get it you must get a Ph.D. However, most scientists pursue business lines. But with the salary of food scientists in the company will get a high salary. A license is not required for scientist, but professional certification with a good reputation is needed to demonstrate their expertise and can demonstrate this professional confidence to prospective employers. Certification requires completing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, taking a comprehensive examination and having work experience.